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Default Re: CRYSIS DEMO Vista 64 DX9 Mode with tweaked Ini is the way to go!

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Yeah, but every FPS I've ever played had some mouse lag when enabling v-sync. I'm playing through Jericho right now, and it has it. Once you adjust to it it's not a big deal, IMO.

The "lag" people are feeling might be caused by the DX10 motion-blur. You can turn it down via the post-processing option, but it's a catch-22 because motion-blur helps smooth out framerates--something that Crysis definitely needs since it's already bordering on the edge in performance.

No its not that, i have tried it with vsync disabled in both and it still lags in DX10 compared to DX9.

But like I said you have to play it in DX9 to see the difference, its tons more responsive even when the fps are the same.
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