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Default Re: CRYSIS DEMO Vista 64 DX9 Mode with tweaked Ini is the way to go!

Originally Posted by Gaco
Can you post the settings at which these screens were taken? I just not sure what you're trying to prove here. Those DX10 screens are obviously not 'very high' on everything.
You can lower the gloves a little. I don't think he's trying to prove that DX9 is superior to DX10 or anything--just show that a lot of the DX10 effects are capable of duplicating.

There is no use for anyone to turn everything on "very high" at this point unless they have the entire Nvidia Headquarters G80 stock all SLI'd together. The game crawls with shaders at Very High as I've been trying to tell guys for the past two days now. That setting is the skeleton key that will unlock decent performance in DX10.

On a side note: It's interesting that there actually is a little more detail in the mountains on 64-bit. I wonder what else, if anything, they added more detail to on the 64-bit path.

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