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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

Originally Posted by Xion X2
God, not this bull#@& again. We Vista users can do nothing but snicker every time you let this fly out of your mouth. There is no difference in gaming performance 99% of the time between the operating systems. I've even seen some cases where Vista was faster.

Let your hate of Vista go and look at things in reality. Your Crysis comparison is not the least bit analogous. You're comparing a version of the game that, by default, is not compatible with very high settings against a version that is. That's downright stupid. At the same exact settings, they are identical.
Guess I could say the first line right back at you. You can't argue against benchmarks I'm afraid. In the case of Crysis (so far) and a non-monsterous rig, XP performance is noticeably better than Vista. But it's hard to just "take someone's word for it". I mean, you aren't anywhere near my location for me to show you first hand so . . .

Vista is holding it's own right now with just basic operations and apps, but when it comes to Crysis, XP performance has always been better in every beta release. There's an article over at [H] that compares about 6-8 games between the two OSs. Even though XP came out on top, it was anywhere from a 5 to 36 FPS difference, average around 10-15 FPS. Why would you NOT want that extra 10-15 FPS?

All I'm saying is that unless you have a real nice rig, mainly a really nice GPU, you should stick with XP just to squeeze all you can out of your rig for Crysis. The difference between 15FPS and 40FPS is quite noticeable, at least for me.
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