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Default Re: CRYSIS DEMO Vista 64 DX9 Mode with tweaked Ini is the way to go!

Originally Posted by mumstheword
And yes, if you turn down to high shaders you get better performance. You get even better performance with DX9. Like I said, most people have figured that out already in that thread.
Uh, no they haven't. Most have been claiming post-processing or some other setting is mostly responsible for the low framerates. I've seen shaders mentioned very, very little. In fact, late yesterday I had read through that entire thread and not seen a single person mention it until I posted back-to-back screens from medium to very high shaders at the same locale with a variation of 18fps.

Like Legend, I posted about it a few times trying to help others while my comments went mostly ignored and people continued putting along with very high shaders enabled while cursing Vista/Crytek/EA/Nvidia.

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