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Default Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.1

Originally Posted by Mike89
Since you have this patch doing 4X FSAA on it's own, does that mean the FSAA setting in the control panel is supposed to be at application if you just want 4X (with fsaaCompatibility set to 0)?

I noticed that on one vid I got the purple screen while hearing the audio. So far it's only happened on one vid.
Since version 1.0, the patch uses an alternate method to setup the AA buffers, that it's compatible with 'enhance in-game AA' option, in the nVidia driver. In previous versions, this option wasn't compatible with the patch.

'enhance in-game AA' is an optimization in the nVidia driver, that forces the desired AA method, only in the buffers that the game creates with AA. Means that the game will run faster & use less memory.

Therefore, if you force any AA method from the control panel, you can turn on 'enhance in-game AA', to enjoy a nice boost (5 fps here with SSAA 2x).

The problem is that this new method causes problems on some machines, with the pre-rendered videos of the game. So, i added this new 'useOldFSAAmethod' option, to use the old method (incompatible with 'enhance in-game AA').


You should/must use "fsaaCompatibility = 1", if you're using any AA mode, that uses more than 4 color samples per pixel (MSAA 8x, CSAA 16xQ, SSAA 4x, 16xS, 32xS, ...)

Also, this 'fsaaCompatibility' option has an optimization that makes the game run a little faster too (2-3 fps with SSAA 2x).


'fsaaSamples', lets you set the MSAA level that you want to use in the game (the number of color samples). By default, the patch applies MSAA 4x. You could set MSAA 8x, by doing 'fsaaSamples = 8'. But, the CSAA & SSAA modes, must be forced from the control panel.


If you've problems with the videos, you must set 'useOldFSAAmethod = 1'. If you force any AA method from the control panel, the game will run slower, cause it will apply AA to all the buffers (which is not needed). If you don't force any AA method, the patch will set MSAA 4x, but, you could use MSAA 2x, or MSAA 8x, or no AA, by setting 'fsaaSamples' to 2, 8 or 0 (with full speed). The only problem with 'useOldFSAAmethod = 1', is that you will lose speed, if you force the AA method from the control panel (cause "enhance in-game AA" isn't compatible with the old method).

If you haven't problems with the videos, you can force any AA method from the control panel, and enjoy full speed, if you set 'enhance in-game AA' in the driver.

Remember to set 'fsaaCompatibility = 1', if you use an AA method with more than 4 color samples.


Prolly i'll add some sort of wizard to the configuration tool, to help with this part.

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