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Default DirectX CUBIC Mapping issue and flashing textures

Anyone have distorted or corrpupt textures with CUBIC Mapping and the 40.41's? One of my favorite games is Collin McRae Rally 2.0. Great game w/ great visuals. Always ran w/ CUBIC mapping option turned on with the 30.82's and all was fine, installed the 40.41's (after uninstalling 30.82's) and the reflections in the Car rear windows is distorted. All other mapping options seem fine, but the CUBIC option is screwed.

Also -- with MS Combat Flight Simulator, I get flashing textures in the ****pit view. Again -- no issues with the 30.82's.

Looks like the 40.41's need a little work!

BTW -- the games seems to run quite nicely, even w/ Aniso and AA truned on with the 40.41's, seemed sluggish w/ the 30.82's. The 40.41's are generally pretty good for Beta and the spped increases are such that I am looking forward to the final product !!

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