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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

#1 No one lied to anyone. I believe the performance was stated by crytek as "A C2D @ 3.0GHz or higher, 2GB memory and an 8800 will run the game smoothly on high settings." They didn't say VERY HIGH, just HIGH. I believe the statement made in the same interview was "It will take hardware 18 months to catch up to the game."

#2The comments about the videos of the demo running like butter.... it was XP in DX9 (high settings) @ 1280x1024 with a quad core and a GTX... It runs like butter for me on this rig at those settings, don't know what you guys are doing wrong.

So how many of you complaining about it "running like ass" read that article with those statements in it(which I know A LOT of you did read it) and are trying to run the game with setttings outside the scope of what your rig can handle and are complaining about it "running like ass" ??? The hardware will catch up, until then... it's still the best looking game out there and its only a demo of level 1!!!! Plus the game play with the nano-suit just rocks!!! Quit trying to play the game with ridiculous settings and just enjoy the game with the settings your system will run it at.


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