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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by flukester
Well myself and lots of people are not going to buy into having to get a 8800 just to play one game. I said same thing for Farcry and 5months after it was released I got it for 14.99 in the bargain bin. This game, like Farcry will go nowhere because the majority of people aren't stupid enough to fork out an unrealistic amount of money for a video card to run this game the 'way it was intended' and I'm not wasting good money to buy a game I have to turn everything off. Crytek is a dumb ass company anyhow. They want to make a next gen game and 2 times now they think people will run out and buy latest hardware just to run it. They want a game to last, yeah, lets look at that HUGE community they got with Farcry... lmao. HL1 was a major achievement and in some way HL2 is as well and will be around a long time. I sincerely doubt anyone will care about this game a year after its release. I can play 99.9% of everything I am interested in, Crysis like Farcry can wait. And that's if I don't totally switch to my Xbox 360.
Far Cry sold something like 750,000 copies in the 1st month... at $40/copy thats $30,000,000... if that's going nowhere, I sure would love to be the guys behind Crysis as it will surely go nowhere even faster.


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