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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

OK, I have to give just a little rant here; largely because I got one from one of these spell casters who insists on kiting mobs away from the melee guys, so they have to keep chasing them down.

Just today, when doing "drill the drillmaster" on my lvl 60 warrior, I had an elemental shammy in the group who fit in this category. The person wouldn't even let me get 1 hit in, would all out DPS, and started kiting the mob all over kingdom come (but always away from me) as fast as the person could move. I'm there, running after it, trying to get a hit in, generate some rage, etc...

So then the person complains I'm not tanking it for them, as the person keeps running mobs away from me, and doesn't even allow me to get 1 hit in, let along get a sunder, or something. OK, my guy is fury spec, so right off the bat won't have increased threat from proc spacific talens, but no one can taunt and stuff without rage The person, also seemingly at least had no threat meter (or at least KTM wasn't showing anything on their threat), and seemed to totally miss the point on how threat is generated. My run speed, is also not greater then others.

Back when I was lvling my rogue, I got the same thing. In group with spell casters, and they'd run away from me as fast as possible, and incidently couldn't get the finishing moves in. It's come to the point, that if people are going to insist on kiting or fearing mobs away from me, I'm not even going to try to constantly catch up to them at a certain point, till they get the idea It's a forgone conclusion people don't just out-run each other, as without something (like a paly has a skill for increased run speed, hunters have aspect of the cheetah, etc); people aren't going to out-run each other.

There's always the age old joke about the mage tank. And in kara, we have a mage who has a knack for randomly pulling stuff or gaining highest threat rather suddenly (last week, we had romulo and julliet randomly start when the mage was the only person down near the thing, and the mage running back with a couple mobs; raid leader telling everyone to run back at this point so it resets, mage died. As a funny aside, when her brother was invited to guild, his first words were

Hey, I'm so and so's brother. Don't worry, I don't die as much as my sister. I've been watching you guys in kara.
So now, with my having to tell the person to stop DPSing for a sec, and stop running mobs from me, the person (also 1 lvl higher, and my having to hit orange mobs, 3+ lvls above me), complains that my DPS was lower then his/hers. And mind you, this person took excursions away to clear things out to go mining, aka mobs only he/she was killing, before I ran back to finish clearing the these side excursions away from the actual quest chain.

Is it such a hard concept that melee guys, umm need to be in melee range to hit things, and that they can't if one constantly runs all mobs away from them? Is it also so hard for some people to understand that if they start mass-DPSing before another person can get any hits/get hit by, they will pull agro before any rage can be generated?

If I did that on my hunter, I'd be dieing all the time, and not a single tank in the the raids I'm (not just a single quest like drill the drill master) could do anything. It's all too easy for my main to get more threat (as shown by KTM) then the OT, though waiting for 3 sunders it does stay below the MT, especially as I've started getting kara gear. Still have to feign and stuff though. ./yawn I wish some spell casters wouldn't expect every melee guy to have to run after, or range everything down while tanking it. If these people must run mobs, could they at least run them towards us, if they can't wait for a few hits before going full out DPS?
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