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Default Re: Crysis demo - what score should it get?

Originally Posted by Atomizer
I agree with everything there, plus the previously quoted points aswell.
Not to mention, I was playing around inside a building, punching stuff with strength on, destabilised the structure and had it come crashing down on my head, yes, definetly not the smartest thing ive done, but the fact it happend is awesome.
Even if the Crysis gameplay/story was crap(which its not, imo), I cant wait to see what licensed games come out with.

It's ridiculous how much fun you can have just by blowing stuff up, breaking buildings, breaking trees. One thing I really like to do is to blow up the gas can on the back of those Humvees to blow them up. There's just so many ways to progress - they've got the fun thing down. I can't wait to see what kickass singleplayer missions the mod community is going to come up with.
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