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Default Re: Crysis demo - what score should it get?

Originally Posted by khellandros66

10 baby yeah!

I was able to speed run up a jeep, switch to strength punch the doors to jam them, the guy manning the gatling gun couldn't get out switched to invisble, jumped onto the hood and punch him out. Take control of gun and fire at the boat. Did all this in a hair raising pace and didn't miss a beat.

BTW I had no ammo left and eventually got killed but the fact that I successfully did the above is nothing short of phenominal gameplay, physics, and AI.

The story above highlights what I think is the game's greatest ability- seemless sandbox environment. Meaning if you can think it up you can probably do it; I replayed this demo about a dozen times this weekend just trying different things each time and the amount of depth found in the engine is nothing short of astounding.

9.5 for me, I don't have any problems with graphical performance or gameplay, just a some annoying AI bugs and save game glitches keeping it from 10.
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