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Default Re: 1080i EDID modes broken in 100.14.19

Originally Posted by mgandalf
This bug has existed for several versions and been reported by numerous people. Each version of the driver seems to handle it differently which tells me that NVidia is at least working on the issue, but we never seem to get anywhere with it. I get the feeling this bug is not a high priority with them and I'm starting to think it may never get fixed.
I was hoping that a new bug report might help get nVidia's attention, which is why I started this new thread instead of continuing an old one.

It would be really nice if someone from nVidia would read this and let us know if they're at least tracking this as a known bug. I've seen posts in other threads where they mention bug numbers, apparently from an internal bugzilla-like system; that level of confirmation would be reassuring.
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