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Default Re: I bought the Samsung HLT6187S 61" Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

Originally Posted by evilchris
I think the Samsung chassis is really sharp looking
It is...very sleek. I'm a big fan of pretty much everything this TV offers.

The biggest thing for me is the dual coaxial inputs. It sounds lame, but I'm just getting OTA HD for now since I can't justify the extra $70/mo it ends up costing for Time Warner's HD package (and all the extra crap they FORCE you to get in order to have it)...anyway, on my Westinghouse, I'd have to constantly switch between the antenna and cable by unscrewing/rescrewing etc.

Now, I just choose the TV source and hit the "antenna" button to switch between the two. No channel scanning each time. It's fantastic.
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