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Default Re: Crysis Demo Performance Analysis

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
I thought Tweaktown site was very slow but when I visited VR-Zone site and it was still same very slow with missing texts and pictures, I realised it was my cable modem problem. Accorded to the cable modem's status, the downstreaming power level was very low at -4dB, I will call in later today ask to send a engineer to retune my cable modem to the correct level.
What are you talking about? He asked if you were slow, not if your connection was slow. Secondly a -4 downstream is not out of spec, and I have never seen a provider that considers it out of spec. Thirdly they are not going to send an engineer to retune your modem. You don't retune modems to fix RF levels, and engineers are not field techs.
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