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Arrow Crysis SLI Performance Feedback

I'm looking to solicit some Crysis SLi Performance Feedback. I'm sure like many others I'm trying to gauge the right upgrade path that is best for upcoming games like Crysis UT3 and others. All I'm really concerned with is DX10. Right now I play the SP demo DX10@1280x960 No AA and 16AF everything on Very High. It's playable most of the time.
At these setting I see my CPU usage hovering around 60-70% Ram stays around 70% utilized. Dropping the res down to 1024x768 I see CPU usage go up to 90-100%. Knocking the resolution up to 1600x1200-2048x1536 the CPU usage drops lower and lower down to about 25-30% on both cores. So I would think this tells me I could run much higher resolutions with SLi becasue my CPU doesn't seem to be a bottleneck...AFAICT. I know a C2D would give a very nice boost as well but what would be a better bang for buck if 30FPS @1600x1200 2xAA 16af is the target. I think I can get by a little longer on this 939 setup. $550 for SLi and +6fps+Sli or around $900 for a new platform and no SLi at all and +1-2fps?
What kind of CPU usage do you SLi guys see? Is there a large benefit to be had with more raw GPU power? It just seems to me that at higher resolutions my single GPU can't provide enough work for the CPU.
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