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Default Re: CRYSIS DEMO Vista 64 DX9 Mode with tweaked Ini is the way to go!

Originally Posted by gfx_demon
Legend, the thing is that with Directx10 you get a different color palette than using Directx9 that looks much more realistic. It's due to the r_colograding setting in postprocessing effects but only works in DX10 in very high

DX9 high shaders/very high postprocessing:

DX10 very high shaders/very high postprocessing:

Good info but im not trying to imply that the ini tweaks make everything available thats in DX10 because I know a few things are not. Such as the r_colorgrading.

I only posted the pics to show people how good they could make DX9 look if they didnt have a way to run it in DX10.
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