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Default Re: I bought the Samsung HLT6187S 61" Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV

Originally Posted by superklye
I've been eying this set for a while now and Amazon keeps lowering the price. It's currently going for $1900 shipped on Amazon which is just insane. I saw on today that it was on sale for $2287 + 0% financing for 14 months and thought, hey...why not? Spend a few hundo extra but get 0% interest and have the TV now...especially after reading some of the horror stories about the White Glove delivery service from 'zon.

So I went into one of the BBs that had it in stock and was looking. The home theater manager came by and asked if I had any questions. The set was retailing for $2599 so I asked if they matched online prices and he said they definitely did for I asked if they matched other sites like Amazon and he said not usually but asked how much had it vs. Amazon. I told him and he brought me over to the computer to look at some numbers.

After a minute or two he turned around and said, "I'll give it to you for $1999.99 if you buy it right now."

****in' a. How could I say no to that price + 0% financing for 14 months? I'm picking it up tomorrow around 1:30pm. I'm leaving work early for a "doctor's appointment" and will be out the rest of the afternoon.

I bet we make some good margin off of that tv, thats why the manager was cool with discounting it. You would be amazed how much margin we make on TV's.
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