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Default Re: Crysis Demo Performance Analysis

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
What are you talking about? He asked if you were slow, not if your connection was slow. Secondly a -4 downstream is not out of spec, and I have never seen a provider that considers it out of spec. Thirdly they are not going to send an engineer to retune your modem. You don't retune modems to fix RF levels, and engineers are not field techs.
Are you work for Virgin Media? Dont be stupid, you cant working fast if your connection was slow to a halt.

You got that all wrong, a Virgin Media engineer was send in the summer when Internet was down for 2 days, he put cable modem signal status page in my IE Favourite and explained to me what to look for when the cable modem experience signal problem next time, the Internet should work fine when the downstreaming power level is no less than -12dB and upstreaming power level is no more than -47dB and he went outside my house, walked yards away to the Virgin Media cable box that distribute digital TV and Internet networking in my area and retuned my LAN signal to the correct power level then he came back a few minutes later to checked my cable modem signal status, it all returned to normal -12dB downstreaming and -47dB upstreaming power level.

I called Virgin Media yesterday morning about the signal power problem, they arranged to sent a engineer to retune my cable modem signal on Thursday.
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