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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

Thanks for the link I missed that in the thread. I don't think there's much I can do but buy another GTX right now.
Looking at his first shot running on a single GPU he's getting 13fps. "Very high no aa no AF"

Going to that same spot at the same settings I got solid 12fps sometimes 13-14fps like in the shot.

SLI he's getting 19 so I could say I might get 18-19 with SLi'ed GTXs. I think it's a very hard call. Why I started this thread is because it seem DX10 Crysis is very GPU dependent. Sure when I take out a building and pieces of physics go flying the CPU jumps to a solid 100% until everything is resting and I may get a few stutters in sound and game durring physics events at very high but moving physics down to high smoothes it out. The difference between H and VH only look like:
e_foliage_wind_activation_dist=20 "vs" 25 and
g_breakage_particles_limit=200 "vs" 250
Most game today still run very well above 1600x1200. I've had two 7900GT-KOs in my system and it loved them. I could get another GTX now and a QX9650 or Q9550 later, see how far this 3800+ can go. I could even get another 939 for very little after another GTX, like a X2 4400 and OC with water cooling and really strech this sytem out. I need more feedback because it's hard to believe that my 939 X2 and DDR500 is keeping up with a C2D @ 3.2ghz. I wonder if the upcoming UE3 games will be like this as also. $550 for SLI +6-10fps or around $800 for a new platform, no SLi at all and +1-2fps?
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