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Default Re: Indepth comparison of DX9 and DX10 in Crysis Demo

Originally Posted by Gaco
No I haven't focused on that particular effect, but I can take a quick comparison if you want to. If I am to relate to your screenshot, I'd need some more info on your tweaking
The tweak is moving the very high settings into [3] for every config except textures and sound. So pretty much everything is set to very high including shaders. But, i've tried this before in XP and I never noticed the lighting you see with very high shaders in DX10 until now. I don't know, maybe I changed something which turned on the lighting this time. So pretty much everything you get in very high in dx10, I am getting in dx9 XP but with playable framerates.

I'm hoping some of you can try this out and let me know if you're getting very high shaders.

Here's the file which contains the configs:

High To Very High
8800GTS-320mb 650/1000
4gb ram
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