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Default Re: 1080i EDID modes broken in 100.14.19

The problem is that the driver invalidates entries in the EDID. Now, I understand some manufacturers' EDID may contain invalid entries or may not hold true to spec, however, there are things the driver can do to make these modes valid - all based on the intended resolution and interlaced bit. NVidia doesn't appear to be doing these checks (at least with any option I've tried, anyway).

The driver seems to be doing more work ensuring, what it perceives as bad modes, don't get used rather than ensuring that these modes are fixed to be usable. I think it can be safely assumed that, if the EDID lists a resolution, the monitor can indeed display it and the driver should make every attempt to make it work.

Now, having said all this, I believe you'll find that in many more cases, NVidia's driver does the right thing in Windows.

- Mark.
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