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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

well, ive seen in several webs that the SLI doesnt work.
I am the friend of Jonelo, so i can confirm that those screenshoots are from CRYSIS SLI WORKING, from my PC.

All of you knows Jonelo, the master of the screens, so we ussually play together and he ask me if i can explain you how i could make the Sli worls.

I registered here, and i got a bad surprise when i see that i was the only one who runs crysis with Sli enabled.

1680x1050, VISTA32 updated, ForceWare 169.01 beta

Frist of all, FORGET NHANCER, uninstall it, nhancer was obsolete. dont help to manage sli at all, you should get less performance with nhancer.

Then clean registry , clean all nhancer remainings.
Then uninstall your current display drivers from vista panel control, reboot and clean the registry. For that cleaning i ussually use CCleaner, there are a lot of registry cleaners out there, but ccleaner dont make mistakes and clean what you need.

So then install normally 169.01 or 169.04 new beta forcewares. after usually reboot, enter Nvidia control panel and ENABLE SLI, you got a blank screen, dont turn off the computer... WAIT
If you got a popup from Vista askin you to hibernate the system , cancel the action.

When Sli is on for first time, you can fell it cause all the icons of your desktop messed up.

Then Go to Nvidia Control Panel 3D SLi profiles, search crysis one, and i only touch two things from there, ALWAYS in all games I pick up the SINGLE DISPLAY MODE, cause i run in a single monitor.

Then cause in crysis i put AA off, i turn off too AA gamma correction in drivers. Aply the two changes and you got Crysis running in SLI with the usually 80% increased performance.

I run with Sli in 95% of games, Sli works great.

English isnt my mother language so if you understand me is enought

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