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Default Re: How much better will the performance of Crysis get?

I see no problem with crysis at all. I benchmark an avg of 30 fps at 1680X1050 with all the ultra high graphics settings on and I'm still rocking the E6600.

Crysis has shown through numerous benchmark tests that it's almost TOTALLY GPU dependant, DX10 performance is hit or miss and it doesn't really use hardly any CPU processing at all when it comes to raw performance numbers.

It's not rocket science. If you want to play crysis with teh eye candy, you gotta dump more $$ into a high dollar video card.

While they're not night and day different, the GTS vs GTX/Ultra are finally showing some differences and benefits to the higher onboard memory count as raising the resolution jacks up video memory usage tremendously. One guy that wrote the tweak guide said he was EASILY able to suck down a gig of video memory usage only at 1280X1024 resolution.

Here's a breakdown.

* Windows XP
* 1280x1024 (All Medium)- 300MB
* 1280x1024 (All High - textures medium only)- 300MB
* 1280x1024 (High)- 380MB
* 1280x1024 4x AA (high) - 460MB
* 1680x1050 (All Medium) - 300MB
* 1680x1050 (High) - 390MB
* 1680x1050 4x AA (All High - textures medium only) - 530MB
* 1680x1050 4x AA (High) - 580MB
* 1920x1200 (All High - textures medium only) - 380MB
* 1920x1200 (High) - 490MB
* 1920x1200 4x AA (All High - textures medium only) - 570MB
* 1920x1200 4x AA (High) - 650MB
* 1920x1200 8x AA (High) - 710MB

Unless crytek has some graphics options that they haven't implemented into the game (and are thus missing from the config file), the only difference as far as "being scalable for tomorrows hardware" will be increasing view distance and AA. Becuase right now, those are the two biggest items that kill frame rate.
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