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Default Re: EA and Crytek should be sued for

How this cookie,

Its their product, no one is making you buy it, download it or play it! If you are unhappy with it, STFU and play something else! Move on, grown the hell up! EA and Crytek can choose whatever method of delpoyment they want, if thats their business model so be it, they gotta do whats right for them before worry about your whiny little pig tail @$$

Sorry but something is seriously wrong your pc, IDK who ya are but I'll tell there are way to many so-called computer wiz's and experts out there. I work for an ISP, I have done work for major companies like Alcoa, FedEX, so on. I see more of these so-called experts come to me with their tale between their ass-cheeks cause the don't have the knowledge to realize their browser is hijacked let alone setup a truly issue free pc.

If you expect to get respect on forums like this, where truly knowledgeable users exist, ya better start the learning process before you start posting unintelligent BS that comes from your @$$ instead of your brain.

Now does anyone else feel like a stompping cause I gotta whole lot more go if you think ya man enough..

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