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Default Re: Building a Water cooled PC! Advice ect.

Actually I never planed on cooling the GPU just the CPU

My problem tho is this review

He has higher temps on water then I do on air!!! So maybe water cant cool my CPU

Tests done at 3.4GHz on a Q6600

Cyber's Water cooling

Core 1 (Idle/Load) 43c/63c
Core 2 (Idle/Load) 43c/62c
Core 3 (Idle/Load) 37c/57c
Core 4 (Idle/Load) 43c/61c

Mythy's Air

Core 1 (Idle/Load) 40c/59c
Core 2 (Idle/Load) 39c/58c
Core 3 (Idle/Load) 36c/54c
Core 4 (Idle/Load) 38c/55c


---Q6600 @3.45 430FSB - P5K Deluxe---
---1066 5-4-4-12 PL6! - 257 GTX OCed---
---ASUS Xonar DX - Dell 2407 24 LCD---
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