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Default My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

I've completely overhauled my old DX9/DX10 analysis project and added a lot of new content and more precise descriptions and definitions.
This final version is much more correct and comprehensive. New is the comparison of the completely tweaked DX9 meaning it has the same lightning, colors and shaders as the DX10 as well as a lengthy conclusion. The existing stuff is still there: the 32bit/64bit comparison and the partially tweaked DX9 mode vs. DX10 where I also look into the shader/post processing high/very high setting differences. There are lots of juicy comparison screenshots in here, so have a look

So much stuff is new and so much work have gotten into this so I thought making a new topic was appropriate so as many people as possible see this - I wouldn't want anyone to have the any misconceptions having seen my last version. Any updates to the project will be kept in here from now on so no more threads from me on this topic, promise ;D

I don't hope to scare anybody off by calling my text readme'ish filenames, but do read the text
I hope you guys like it and please leave any feedback or thoughts

The rar archive is currently approximately 14mb.
Mirror#1 @ Mediafire: (fastest mirror I think)
Mirror#2 @ Rapidshare:

I know that the whole thing is geared mostly towards people with highend PC's, but that's just the way it is
BTW I'm kinda looking for a more user friendly way of publishing this work. If anyone is good at HTML or good at throwing up some quick websites, I'd like to see this on the web. However for now I still think the best format for now (the best that I could muster alone anyway) is a rar archive since a very effective way of comparing two screenshots os having them in se same folder, open them with the standard windows image viewer and quick switching between them with the right-arrow key. I like it when people makes it so that when the mouse curser is moved over an image it changes to a comparison shot. If anyone have a better idea, shout out loud

UPDATE: Rar archive updated with a reviews of FastRedPonyCar's ultra high config ( where it gets compared with all the known existing configs and modes, plus one last overall conclusion from my part.
UPDATE2: Ultra review corrected.
UPDATE3: Readme updated.


Originally Posted by Readme
The partial DX9 tweak
What I call the partial DX9 tweak is one of the two commonly used DX9 tweaks for the Crysis Demo. It started out as a
list of command variables on a french bloggers website ( and quickly spread
throughout the internet (here is the thread in nVnews:
The two most remarkable things this tweak adds is better water than regular high (more like the DX10 version) plus
godrays of sunshine (this effect can be seen for example when looking at the sun through bushes, treetops, pointing the
weapon at the sun etc.).
The tweak can be found in the partial DX9 tweak folder.

The Complete DX9 tweak
----------------------- what I called the tweak that worked in a different way than having an autoexec.cfg file in the Crysis Demo folder.
It is the other of the most widely spread Crysis Demo tweak on the internet.
It simply overwrote the cfg files in the folder "CVarGroups" to enable most of the "very high" settings in
Dx9 mode, which otherwise didn't go to more than "high". This method is to troublesome compared to the autoexec one,
so I'd recommend either the partial or ultra tweak. The whole lot of comparison pictures in the complete DX9 tweak folder
can still be examined to compare to the fully "very high" set DX10 mode to ultra since the complete is almost identical
to the complete as it turns out in my ultra review.

The ultra DX9 tweak
A custom made config made by the user "FastRedPonyCar" that basically looks like the complete DX9 tweak meaning just
about the same as the maxed DX10 except that motionblur is disabled and it gives more better and more playable framerates
than the maxed DX10. More recommendable than the complete DX9 tweak because it's easier to control.

64bit vs. 32 bit
Shows the difference on the mountain textures from 32bit and 64bit mode. As far as I know this is the only difference between
the two but in my opinion a rather remarkable one too. Nvidia recently released a new beta driver, 169.04, that makes the
DX10 64bit version playable again if you want to play that one for whatever reason.
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