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Default some ultra high graphics pics

I used the tweak guide and turned on just about all the ultra high graphics options. view distance, more advanced water shaders, stuff like that. turned off motion blur and aa and decided to see how playable it is.

Avg of 23.98 fps now after 4 loops of the gpu test. borderline unplayable. I can probably live without the super duper draw distance and all the extra light slices and higher shadows and stuff.

One odd thing was that after day break, I ran all the way back to the point where you meet up with the first teammate. There's a gunship right by the beach so I ran along the shore and when I jumped into the water to swim to the little skinny sand bar, the guy on the radio said beware for sharks but no sharks

Sucks that the gunships blow you up.

Dig the dust and haze in the air after a fire fight!!!

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