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Default Re: How much better will the performance of Crysis get?

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan
I think some of us forget our monster GTX's (and Ultra in the sense its just a faster GTX) are a year old now. If everyone recalls, when the 6800 series was king it took about a year as well before they started to be pushed to thier limits in games. I welcome something that pushes my hardware to its limits For now just scalling back to High on a few things allows me to play 1920x1200 with 2xAA just fine and still have it look damn good. When more than 1 game starts to push my hardware in the way Crysis does I will look toward better hardware, for now as its the only game doing it I don't really care to much and have no plans for an upgrade
QFT on everything you said. I'm very happy with my GTX, but even happier that there is already a game pushing it's limits...I am now looking forward to a new Nvidia/ATI part that can play Crysis with ease...But then again, I am always an early adopter for high end GPU's (though nowhere near as bad as Jakup :P )

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