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Default Re: How much better will the performance of Crysis get?

Originally Posted by hugos82
I have seen this sentence many times before, and it always makes me laugh.
using that argument you can justify any new game with bad preformance.
and please remember that nvidia is working close to Crytek, that way when even the authors says that the game is meant to be played (fully support) on next gen hardware, than it only confirms that 8xxx are the next FX series in nvidia history (if we're talking about dx10 of course, cause they handle dx9 quite well)
Yep. I'm thoroughly impressed with the performance both me and my brother have with our systems. He's using a 2 and a half year old 939 system with a 320mb GTS and it benchmarks right at 30 fps @ just about all high graphics options and a few of the DX10 effects turned on.

Mine benches 25fps with all ultra high settings enabled.

I can't think of asking for anything more from video technology that's well over a year old. I think that the 8800's are still going to be a top contender card well into late next year.
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