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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

Originally Posted by K007
Its hard to say SLI is not enabled in the demo when it is there...

The question SLI optimized by both driver and the game.

I would doubt we will see a huge gain on SLI users who already have SLI running, unless there was a major driver issue.

ATM i am getting 90-100% max green bars on my unless the engine is going to be optimized...i am not sure how a driver can give out more juice.
It has been mentioned across many forums, HardOCP confirms this in their 8800GT review... SLI in this Crysis Demo IS NOT ENABLED IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM!

Check it out for yourself. Go to your Crysis profile within the Nvidia CP. Run the benchmark with each SLI setting(SFR, AFR1, AFR2, Single GPU). As a last resort, remove a video card and run the benchmark against that. You will find that Single GPU and 1 Video card have the highest scores than the other SLI modes.
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