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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

Originally Posted by Assi9
It has been mentioned across many forums, HardOCP confirms this in their 8800GT review... SLI in this Crysis Demo IS NOT ENABLED IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM!

Check it out for yourself. Go to your Crysis profile within the Nvidia CP. Run the benchmark with each SLI setting(SFR, AFR1, AFR2, Single GPU). As a last resort, remove a video card and run the benchmark against that. You will find that Single GPU and 1 Video card have the highest scores than the other SLI modes.
how could you say that?? if i see with my eyes in front of me??

no way to get more of 15fps with a single card in VISTA and very high settings.

I dont mind if it was HardOCP or god who come to the earth. If they doesnt know how to configure the SLI they waste their money.

SLI works fine, 80% performance gained.
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