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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

Originally Posted by THX_1138
how could you say that?? if i see with my eyes in front of me??

no way to get more of 15fps with a single card in VISTA and very high settings.

I dont mind if it was HardOCP or god who come to the earth. If they doesnt know how to configure the SLI they waste their money.

SLI works fine, 80% performance gained.
It's not just me saying this, the greater majority of SLI users like me, who have properly configured SLI systems, and have through one way or another verified that turning on SLI does not work in this demo. If anything it degrades performance. You and a small minority seem to somehow magically are the exception to this. It does not make sense. Try out what I said earlier, by removing 1 GPU and re-run the benchmark. Be honest with the results.

Both you and I have similar systems and key components. Would it not make sense that we should have relatively the same performance? I for sure have a working SLI system, as everygame from: QuakeIV, TF2, FEAR, Oblivion are working with SLI. This demo with the 169.01 drivers does not have functioning SLI support.


Here is Legit Reviews saying SLI isnt support.
Here is the HardOCP review that says this as well.
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