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Default Re: Crysis SLi Perfromance Feedback

Assi9 - let me know when you get a chance to do this. Also make sure you do not have any other SLI profile software running at all.

If it overwrites what the Custom SLI Profiles in the 169.01 or 169.04 drivers it will not work.

If you force AFR 1 or 2 or split rendering it will not work. It is a truly Custom SLI Profile only used by Nvidia's new driver set.

If you set it to AFR 1/2 or split rendering you will lose performance.


Please do this to a T!

Try this...

Uninstall the video card drivers from safe mode
Run disk defragmenter
Reinstall 169.04
Only enable SLI in the first screen of the control Panel
Close Control Panel, run Crysis GPU benchmark

See if it works. Then Go through your normal steps 1 by 1 to see what is causing SLI to stop working (if you got it to work to begin with)

Hope this works for you
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