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Default Re: Guide to A7N8X Under Linux

My A7N8X is 'mostly' working under Linux 2.4.21-xfs. Every thing works, except burning CDs :-)
(I have a low expection on the sound front, so the standard driver is fine. :-)

I found that I could burn CD's if I didn't start X and logged in on a text console.

Eventually I configured a serial console so that I could use kdb (comes with the SGI XFS enabled kernel source) and found the system crashing in the IDE driver after the SCSI emulation layer reports a command time out.

The trick is, the system only fails when the nvidia display driver is loaded. Works when it isn't.

So why does the Nvidia display driver cause IDE to break ?

The system does not crash (but gets rotten IDE transfer speeds), with the standard Redhat 9 kernel and nvdriver.

Any one have any ideas ?
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