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Default Re: Building a Water cooled PC! Advice ect.

hell no to the radiator. Get yourself at least a Swiftech MCR220 or a Thermochill PA120.2.. if you get a crappy radiator your temps will always suck. For fans I would recommend the yate loon D12sm fans, they are cheap and 25mm thick so you shouldn't have any clearance issues with your motherboard and did I already say that they are cheap?

Get an Apogee GTX or Dtek Fuzion cpu waterblock, get a MCP 655 pump(powerful enough for future expansion and will help tems, silent as well) and some decent tubing like Tygon(won't kink as easy).

Don't get any of that pre-mixed coolant scheisse that you have to pay like $20 for, go to petra's shop and get you some nice pentosin coolant, mix that with distilled water(5% coolant or 10% mix if you want a deeper color) and get a nice biocide, put a couple of drops into the mix and you're set.
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