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Default Re: Anyone read the PC Gamer Crysis article (98%) Does it reveal if performance improved?

Originally Posted by Gaco
I absolutely agree with Legend. People must stop being so vainglorious; we 8800GTX have been spoiled over the past year with not having to worry about maxing out the details and cranking up the resolution and FSAA, but we must realize that it's a year old GPU and we don't have that luxury anymore with such a foward scaled true nextgen title as Crysis. Afterall Crysis still looks great in DX9 all settings @ high with a couple of tweaks. Crysis is actually somewhat playable in 20-25 FPS, believe it or not, if you prioritize visual quality over a 30+ framerate. And people with less than a 8800GTX/GTS have to stop whining and accept they the medium settings as a good experience as well now they don't wanna dish up with the cash for a 8800 at least. My 2 cents

BTW this half-ranty speech was well meant and not pointed towards anyone specific or in this thread only, just a respons to a certain group of people having a certain consensus about the game

Very well said bro, and yes, Crysis is smoother at lower FPS than any other game I have ever played. Its kinda odd but its true.

30-40fps provides very smooth gameplay and as you can see by my screen shots I have the game looking and running great.
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