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Default Difference between different AA in crysis.

I made a little comparision of the different kinds and levels of Anti-aliasing in the crysis demo. Afaik there are only 2 main types, edge AA and regular AA. However the regular AA doesn't seem to affect transparent textures/objects and foliage etc. I know to less about this so please correct me if i am wrong. Below you can see 6 images witch precents the following AA's: 0xAA, Edge/blurAA, 2xAA, 4xAA, 8xAA and 16QxAA...

These pictures where taken on a 8800gtx in Vista 32 with all options on Very high in dx10:







The funny thing is that you get this edgeAA when you have postprocessing on high or very high. But it removes when you add any regular AA from the game menu. I bit odd if you ask me, i find this edgeAA/blurr a bit ugly, so i turn it off in the config or add 2xAA.
Here is a GIF for you too see how it looks like... 16QxAA vs 0xAA but Edge/blurAA;

Here is another one, just for fun ... 0xAA vs 16xAA vs edgesmoothing1 and edge smoothing2

As we all know, adding AA to crysis inflect alot on the performance, dont have to tell ya that dont i? :P

Well thats all folks...

Ps, for those who wonder how i get the information in the left upper corner.. I use rivatuner ^^,
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