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Default Re: Someone tell me whats wrong here?

Originally Posted by LinuxManMikeC
I think you hit the nail on the head. The screen shot you posted looks great on my monitor. And as jeffmd pointed out, the top picture is a photo of a monitor displaying the image. Get a new monitor quick, preferably LCD. Even without tweaks to the monitor's color balance you will notice the difference immediately. And you don't need an expensive one, my 1440x900 19in widescreen 5ms DVI only cost about $180 (probably costs $150 or less by now). If you can't afford a monitor then try adjusting your monitor's color settings. If that doesn't work you can try doing the color correction in your graphics card, but you can only do so much if the monitor isn't capable of what you want.
Thanks for the tips, i will try that And eventually get a new monitor ^^

Right now am so damn pissed cuz i cant play crysis in very high without lag on my new bought 8800gtx, and my cpu doesn't suck too!
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