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Default Re: some ultra high graphics pics

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
mmm am I supposed to be seeing this blurry road like this?? What else did I forget to turn on?
This is a known problem, It seem as anisotropic filtering doesn't work when you have POM on. But thats not 100% true, because on some surfaces (if you force 16xAF through the control panel) it will look good and the AF works, but on most POM surfaces it doesn't. For example, the bridge on the Shore MP map works 100% with AF when u have POM added but the other textures aint.

Here is a GIF showing the problem in action:

I suggest you turning off POM and force AF via the control panel, works fine for me and looks alot better... The difference between POM "on" and "off" isn't that big, without POM it anyway looks like its some bump mapping there, doesn't look bad anyway.
Hope crytek or someone finds a way to fix this, we want delicious POM but we dont want blurry textures a few meters away
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