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Default Re: Hellgate: London Feedback

Originally Posted by DRen72
I just picked it up on the way home along with Timeshift and installed it. At first I thought it looked the same as the demo. Menu said DX10 but it looked no different. However, when I quit and came back it looked a lot different. So take note...the DX10 stuff kicked in after a game restart. First thing I noticed was smoke and a huge hit in framerate. Type FPS in the games console and it shows the frame rate. Mine was around 15-25 (Outside) with all settings maxed out in DX10. That improved a little when I moved shaders to High instead of Extreme, but only by about 5-10 fps.

So, overall the first level in the retail game is the exact same as the demo and while the DX10 engine looks better, it really drops the frame rate. So far it may grow on me, but I'm going to have to rate Timeshift better for visuals and thats a DX9 engine game.

I get the feeling that this one could be tweaked for better performance in DX10 maybe with drivers.

Also...I game with the cursor keys for movement and typically assign the "/" key for jumping. However, the darn game insists on "/" being a console key instead of jump even after I assign it. Obvious and annoying bug for my style of play.
did you get the new patch for it? they should have released patch 0...
It should fix the dx10 framerate amongs other big bugs in the game

EDIT: well it seems like the patch is only for multiplayer and they havent released a patch for singel player.. WTF?!
How can you just patch the multiplayer portion of the game
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