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Default NAS vs. SAN - Folder Structure, etc.

Hey all,
I wasn't sure where to put this, and I've been trying to research it, but basically I'm working on a file archiving system for work here (I'm a dev though, not net-admin). Our basic choices for storage look to be coming down to NAS or SAN. I understand the basic differences of them, SAN being a block-level storage system, and NAS being a file-level (which for our needs is probably best).

Basically the system we will be developing will need to store millions of files that are (for the most part) read. Writes will generally only happen once (except for the occasional misfit record). Anyway, we need to ensure that the folder/file structure we build is both human-readable from say Windows Explorer, as well as quickly accessible via a direct-path query.

Previously I had developed a folder structure and a setup script to be followed when we create new volumes (it included things like pre-genning folders to lessen fragmentation of the MFT, removing unused file tags ie. 8.3 naming, etc.). However given that we will be moving to a networked storage solution I'm not entirely sure if such measures should still be followed. Should we be worried about such issues as file-table fragmentation on NAS/SAN systems? Do you know any good resources for building a folder/file structure on such storage systems? I've googled for about 45mins - 1 hour trying to find any info, but it seems like everything I'm reading is all Direct-Attached storage related.

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