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Default Re: Waves on the shore ???

I'm not at home right now but all you have to change is

e_water_ocean_fft = 0 to a value of 1
e_water_waves_tesselation_amount = 10 <- very high vs "1" for low.

Ths means that even with tesselation set to 1, you're still going to get SOME waves in DX9 just not the big choppy waves. The only thing DX10 users get without having to modify a config file is higher tesselation and the FFT is set to 1 on very high settings with DX10. FFT does some sort of extra GPU wave processing.

Another variable is "e_phys_ocean_cell" high and very high get a value of 0.5. Ultra high would be 0.2 or 0.1. This determines the level of physics applied to the ocean I believe.

Either way, I've seen so many screenshots of a tweaked DX9 config game to make me blue in the face and countless threads on numerous forums completely and utterly shattering the myth that DX10 somehow has some sort of hidden features that are completely inaccessible to DX9. DX9 can do EVERYTHING (in crysis) that DX10 can do. You just have to change config values.
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