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Default What The Big Deal

I notice that Crysis is that great, it has its own area. Why?

People are putting this game on a pedistal like its the alltime pc giant.

First off, is the story any good?

Is it cuz of the eye candy?

Whats the deal with this game?

Im not that impressed. It may be an eyecandy game but its a game for those who have the money to play it.

Has any other game got the attention this game is getting?

Its only a demo also. And its not enjoying on the average PC.

A game that can only be played on a ultimate gaming machine shouldn't be that popular cuz of the opprotunity to those who can only afford an average rig.

Yea the game looks oh so sweet and demo runs very well, but im one of the few who can say this.

That doesn't help popularity much if its limited to a certain group of gamers.
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