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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

Hi, I'm the site owner of Unfortunately because the link was to a forum post and not the main site itself, MySQL has too many connections and hence the site is currently inaccessible - sorry guys, I'm working on getting it back up shortly.

Note that people who are saying DX10 effects can be enabled in DX9, this is technically incorrect. We cover this in detail in the forum post linked here, along with comparison screenshots, but basically XP cannot use DX10 in any way, no matter what the method. There is a way to force Very High in XP by editing the .cfg files under the Program FilesElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysis SP DemoGameConfigCVarGroups directory - you open each one and copy the text under the top area (4) over the bottom area (3), except for the sys_spec_full.cfg file. Then in-game you set your advanced options all to High, and you get Very High.

However, although this does look much the same as Vista DX10, it doesn't enable all the DX10 shader effects, so it's not exactly the same quality. I do agree though that Crytek should have allowed Very High in XP, but that's clearly a marketing decision on their part.

Anyway apologies for the site being down, I recommend bookmarking it and checking later if you're interested as there's much more of interest in that thread, including details about shortcuts, difficulty settings, various screenshots of tweaks etc.

The full Crysis Tweak Guide will be out in a few days, I'm working flat out on it at the moment
Link : Post made by tweakguides owner on Digg

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