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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Grestorn
The service is completely passive when nHancer isn't running. It shouldn't make any difference.

So, when exactly do you have these problems? While nHancer is running? While nHancer is installed? Or once you've used nHancer, no matter if it's still there or not?
It's only happened with the 169.xx series drivers.
As I said I noted that there had been some changes in the nvapps.xml for MOHAA that wasn't there with older drivers such as 163.44.

nekrosoft13 had noted changes in these values:
PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="0x02402001" Default="0x02402001" Itemtype="predefined"/>
<PROPERTY Label="aa_feature_bits" Value="0x00000045" Default="0x00000045" Itemtype="predefined"/>

I was wondering if that was the problem.

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