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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
Last time I promise. I'm laying down 37 fps!!

Sacrificed a few graphics goodies but the difference is still so negligable, the 10fps increase makes it worth it.
Ok these sound like your favorite atm, so I woulnd't have to benchmark the others you posted in post #18 right?

I'll take a look at it a little bit later. Meanwhile why don't you tell me the exact, or at least the most significant, differences between this one and your original ultra?

Originally Posted by aceflier
I know you said no more updates and thank you for all your work in showing the differences in each.

But I have a request about the smoke. I know I can spawn smoke grenades and put them all around me. I want to know if there is a diff in dx9 tweaked? My guess would be it would be like wic smoke in dx9 you would see the sprite outline against trees and rocks where in dx10 it blends in perfectly and natrual and reacts to wind.

Thx for your time.
If you'd tell me how to spawn smoke grenades I could easily test it

Originally Posted by [EOCF] Tim
Yes I look foward to the guy's tweak guide. This is also something we've known all along (well most of us anyway) that that DX9 cannot emulate DX10 in any way, though much of the visuals we thought was reserved only for DX10 actually was possible to enable in DX9. I've also showed that the DX10 water reflections can't be attained within DX9.

I agree with the guy that it's pure marketing BS from Crytek and though I have GREAT admiration for what Crytek have achieved, I think it's a bit low. I know that they're in a business to, it's just a tiny bit on the wrong side of the fence imo.
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