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Default Re: Awesome Crysis Case

Lol EA are such ****tards. Remember when they shut down that System Shock MOD for Doom3? Well ok. That was very intolerable, but somehow understandable (even though I wouldn't hurt them the in the slightest in the end - NOT THE SLIGHTEST! - SS2 is not selling anymore, and it certainly wouldn't be selling any less with a cool SS mod on the market). Now this. Seriously how is this hurting EA or Crytek it's not like some images of the most awesome Crysis case ever would make the game less popular!!?

I just hate it when I see companies abuse the copyright law. Copyright and patent laws in general was set in place so that people could gain a benefit from their own hard word and innovative thinking, but this is clearly the drawback of this very concept. EA like a few other I will not mention misuse this to the extreme
I really admire eg. John Carmack for his stance on Open Source, releasing source code for his games after a while etc. And before you get any funny ideas, I HATE piracy so it's not like that.

There we go, I'm good now
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