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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

I'm not sure of all the details but having these 3 values what they are and still rock 37fps is what surprises me.


Just about all of that config info was from the very original "very high tweak settings" that someone posted in our original crysis SP demo feedback thread. I remembered that my game ran best out of all the various other tweaks so I went back to it and then started tweaking little things here and there.

I think there may be some water quality values that could be raised and more detailed/max num beam slices but I've gone back and fourth between the two during game play and not noticed any difference with what I've got and the ultra settings.

A lot of these little differences can be seen in screen shots but in actual game play, it's all rendered a moot point. Unless some huge breakthrough happens with all this tweaking, I'm calling it quits and just enjoying the game. It was fun to see how detailed the tweaks could get but honestly, after so many back and fourth and scouring over hundreds of screen shots and seeing the most minute differences here and there, it's just not really worth (my time at least) if my eyes won't notice the difference when I'm actually playing the game.

Sunbeams, battle dust and parallax mapping are the 3 big eye candy options that separate high from very high and none of those cost any FPS.

It's so easy to jump back and fourth from one SS to another but if the eyes could care less when playing the game...

Anyways, ther'es got to be something big I'm forgetting in that tweak I last posted becuase SOMETHING was eating up 10~15 fps. I haven't compared that tweak's settings to the ones in the post above it to see what I left out. If you find out anything major though, let me know what it was.
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