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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Im Renaming "Acceleration" to "STALL" because atm its totally unusable for me on my 8800gts 640mb,ive been thorugh about 7 diffrent driver sets and all have an issue with accessing the inflight UI

Any set ive try'ed (even the 6 month old drivers they dev'ed this pack on) cause hard lockups when accessing the menus via a mouse unless i mess about going to window mode first although key strokes work ok fullscreen & 169.01 and post sets cause lockups when accessing any inflight menu's (even Shift + Z for fps display)

Seems Aces and there beta lot knew about this issue but did'nt both to tell anyone or get NV to address the problem intime for its release......Now PT says they've let NV know but have no idea when it will get fixed and they will not be patching FSX again once SP2 is out the door.....

So thats it folks Aces are abandoning FSX after SP2 they've wasted a whole year on a DX10 update trying to deliver the Magic Screenies but failing miserably & DX10 has now become a lame "preview" & Aces are content to leave FSX the blurry mess they've made it......IMO they should just release the source code to the engine (which is being ditched were told) and let the more talented ppl in the community Fix FSX

Im putting FSX aside for a few weeks while i work through Timeshift, Ep2 & portal hopefully then it will be fixed

One thing i know is that i'll be very very sceptical about anything Aces has to show or say about FSXI...
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