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Default Re: My massive DX9/10 graphics and tweaking analysis of Crysis demo

I just copied the config from post#19 unto a autoexec.cfg and compared it to the old ultra one. I must really ask you are you absolutely sure that this new tweak was properly applied when you tried it yourself? I'm getting about 5-8 FPS lower and it definently feels less playable than the old ultra tweak. The new does have motion blur, a faint blue tint to everything (which I like the most if I had to choose), slightly more detailed background; trees seems a bit more detailed on the edges and everything in the background seems slightly more focused. This is the depth of field setting no doubt.

But I'm not using these new one's for sure, they're simply not as playable. I'd really like it if we could merge the old partial DX9 (the one also found in the Crysis Demo Feedback thread, also in Legend's thread and many places elsewhere, which I also tested) with the ultra somehow and get something in between, that'd be great

Here's some comparison shots:

- Old Ultra Tweak
- New Tweak

Notice the new tweaks lower FPS counter in the corner.
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